ISTQB, a Global Language for Testing

The ISTQB scheme is the largest in the world for software testers, with over 250,000 certified. ISTQB is a ‘not for profit’ organisation supported by 47 regional Software Testing Boards across the globe – see

Many employers across the world acknowledge and support the ISTQB software testing certification scheme. Certification at Foundation Level is recognised as one of the basic entry criteria to their own tester career development paths.

If Foundation Level provides a platform for ‘A common language for Testing’ with terminology, fundamental test process and testing in the lifecycle, Advanced Level recognises in-depth knowledge and experience by the roles of Test Analyst, Test Manager and Technical Test Analyst.

There are many benefits for an organisation to adopt the ISTQB scheme:

  • Brings all staff involved in testing to the same basic understanding of the fundamental test process, testing responsibilities throughout a project lifecycle and a  common terminology
  • Enhances the efficiency of testing and thereby reduces costs by helping to:
    • Reduce duplication
    • Identify omission
    • Find defects early in the project
  • Raises the profile of testing in an organisation
  • For IT services operations, improves the chances of winning business
  • Provides an industry-standard benchmark against which it can develop its own staff testing career development path
A common language for testing – recognised by major employers across the world

LearnTesting provides a highly effective platform for those seeking ISTQB Certification AND for those already certified to keep their knowledge up to date.

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