Certified Mobile App Testing (CMAP)

CMAPCMAP© Certified Mobile App Professional is a Specialist Interest Group brought together by iSQI, which is made up of international IT leaders that are working hard to establish standards in the area of mobile technologies. The first course to be developed by CMAP© “Mobile App Testing – Foundation Level” gives its participants an excellent introduction and understanding of the topic through use of a large variety of exercises and examples.

The Foundation in Mobile App Testing gives an overview of the mobile market and the most significant trends. It addresses topics such as the challenges of mobile application testing, mobile test process and mobile performance testing. The Foundation level provides an excellent introduction to mobile app testing, the most relevant techniques and terminology.

This course is aimed at professionals in the area of software quality and software testing, preferably with 2 years of experience in software testing: testers, test analysts, test designers, test managers (in relation to test processes and in contact with stakeholders) and managers.

Business Outcomes for successful Foundation Mobile App students include:

  • Assist in adaptation of existing testing processes for testing of mobile applications
  • Support the requirements team in review of mobile application related requirements using knowledge of mobile markets and contexts
  • Adapt existing testing experience and knowledge and existing way of testing web and other applications to mobile testing including user expectations
  • Identify and apply appropriate methods for testing of characteristics unique to mobile technology
  • Apply appropriate techniques for testing in a mobile application project
  • Identify and use appropriate tools to assist in mobile application testing including emulators/simulators
  • Assist the mobile application team in identifying potential test automation activities and corresponding tools
  • Assist in identification of requirements of a test lab for carrying out mobile application testing

The course is fully compliant with the syllabus and its prescribed learning objectives. It contains 4 key chapters:

            Chapter 1: Overview of Mobile World
            Chapter 2: Mobile Applications Test Types
            Chapter 3: Mobile Application Testing Process and Techniques
            Chapter 4: Tools and Automation

The CMAP© – Testing Foundation Level certificate examination is based on this syllabus. Answers to examination questions may require the use of material based on more than one section of this syllabus. All sections of the syllabus are examinable.

The one hour exam is a 40 question, multiple choice exam. Examinations may be taken as part of a training course or taken independently (e.g. at an examination center or in a public examination).

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