Certified Agile Business Analysis

CABAAre you a business analyst who is working in or moving to an Agile environment? How does the work, and your approach, differ from the traditional BA role? What are the recognised practices in Agile business analysis?

The Certified Agile Business Analysis course presents practices and tools for Agile BAs working in any of the emergent flavours of Agile.

The course is directly mapped to the activities, tasks and skills defined in the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide published by the IIBA® (July 2013) and developed in partnership with the Agile Alliance.

The Agile Alliance says, “The Agile Extension helps business analysts deliver business knowledge to Agile developers quickly and effectively.”

The course is fully compliant with the syllabus and its prescribed learning objectives. It contains 12 key chapters:

            Chapter 1: What is Business Analysis?
            Chapter 2: What is Agile?
            Chapter 3: Common Agile Approaches
            Chapter 4: BA Techniques in Agile Projects
            Chapter 5: See the Whole
            Chapter 6: Think as a Customer
            Chapter 7: Determine What is of Value
            Chapter 8: Get Real with Examples
            Chapter 9: Understand what is Doable
            Chapter 10: Stimulate Collaboration and Continuous Improvement
            Chapter 11: Avoid Waste
            Chapter 12: Review

To achieve accreditation, candidates are required to sit a one hour, 40 questions multiple choice examination designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, understanding and ability to apply concepts included in the Certified Agile Business Analysis syllabus. Candidates are required to score 26 or more correct answers to pass. Each question will be worth one mark.

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