Business Analysis e-learning Courses

IREB Requirements Engineering Certificate

LearnTesting now offers a course that prepares students for the IREB and IIBA certification exams.

Requirements engineering is a discipline that should be viewed as integrated with testing. In fact, early stage testing activities are an extension of requirements engineering, facilitating the build of the right product. Learntesting offers an online course leading to the Information Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) certificate.

This course explores not just why the requirements matter, but how to gather the right requirements, document them effectively and ensure that they are properly implemented. It explores the roles of the requirements engineer and business analyst both in ferreting out the requirements and interacting with the project team to ensure the customer gets the product they want and need.
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BCS Business Analysis Certification Courses

Business analysis is the specialist discipline that helps organisations to make good investment decisions concerning potential business changes. Organisations are constantly striving to become more efficient and effective, and business analysts support these efforts by clarifying the viable options open to the organisation, evaluating these options and ensuring that the selected solution is defined clearly.

LearnTesting is delighted to have partnered with AssistKD for Business Analysis e-Learning Courses. AssistKD offers a portfolio of courses which form part of the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis as follows:

AssistKD’s 30 or 60 day access to Foundation in Business Analysis e-Learning course encompasses a broad range of techniques within the structure of the business analysis process model. It forms an excellent introduction to Business Analysis, providing participants with knowledge that underpins the higher level Business Analysis qualifications. Key areas covered include:

  • Examination of the competencies of a Business Analyst
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Investigation techniques
  • Stakeholder analysis and management
  • Modelling business systems and processes
  • Requirements engineering
  • Making a business and financial case

The course covers the full BCS syllabus.

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AssistKD’s 30 or 60 days access to the Business Analysis Practice course provides participants with a practical introduction to a wide range of BA techniques and approaches. The course is designed to provide delegates with the key skills required to become effective Business Analysts. These include:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Stakeholder management
  • Business activity modelling
  • Investigation of the business situation
  • Analysis of key issues and their root causes
  • Gap analysis
  • Identification and evaluation of possible solutions

The course covers the full BCS syllabus.

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The Requirements Engineering course 30 or 60 days access is structured around a Requirements Engineering framework which utilises a range of techniques for elicitation, analysis, documentation and management of requirements. 2 detailed case studies are used on the course to enable attendees to practice applying the techniques. Key areas covered include:

  • Elicitation techniques, including workshops
  • Requirements analysis
  • Use case modelling and user stories
  • Requirements categorisation, prioritisation and documentation
  • Quality characteristics of requirements
  • Traceability and management of changes to requirements
  • Validation and approval of requirements

The course covers the full BCS syllabus.

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AssistKD’s Commercial Awareness course provides 30 or 60 days access providing business analysts with a broader understanding of their organisation and the business domain within which their work takes place. Users are introduced to the various financial, commercial and organisational issues which impact on their role. Key areas include:

  • Financial reporting
  • Budgeting, costing and pricing
  • Evaluating a financial case
  • Organisational behaviour and culture
  • Organisational structure and operating models

The course covers the full BCS syllabus.

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AssistKD’s Foundation in Business Change course provides 30 or 60 days access providing an introduction to the business change process and to the range of techniques used in effecting change in organisations. The course offers an approach that extends from the initial investigation of the organisation through a business change lifecycle to the implementation of the proposed changes. Key areas include:

  • Defining business change
  • Understanding how IT may be used to improve and transform organisations
  • Defining a lifecycle for business change
  • Identifying techniques used to align organisations with changes in their environment
  • Explaining an approach to defining business improvement
  • Identifying techniques used to design business changes
  • Explaining the issues concerned with implementing business change.
  • Identifying business and modelling techniques that may be used to ensure effective business changes are identified.

The course covers the full BCS syllabus.

This course provides 30 or 60 days access to the Modelling Business Processes Course, providing attendees with a framework, skills and techniques that will enable them to model business processes and deliver process improvements. A realistic case study is used to practise key techniques including:

  • Modelling an organisation
  • The organisational view
  • Analysing tasks
  • Managing and measuring processes
  • Creating AS-IS and TO-BE process models

Important related issues such as human performance and process measurement are also covered along with theoretical concepts supported by detailed case studies. This gives the opportunity for participants to apply their knowledge to both AS-IS and TO-BE process models.

AssistKD’s Foundation in Systems Development 30 or 60 day access course encompasses a broad range of approaches, tools and techniques used in the development of IT solutions. Key course areas include:

  • Lifecycle types and their rationales
  • Requirements engineering
  • Making a business case
  • Systems modelling and specification techniques, design and architecture
  • Implementation and changeover

The course covers all topics contained within the BCS syllabus and provides participants with the knowledge that underpins the higher level Solution Development qualifications.