BCS Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing

BCSBuilding upon the theory learnt in the ISQTB Foundation course, this certification provides a more practical approach to the testing fundamentals, covering principles, types, management, analysis and other aspects up to level K4.

The Intermediate level qualification is aimed at all testing practitioners who hold the ISTQB/BCS Foundation Certificate in Software Testing. Although not part of the ISTQB Scheme, the Intermediate Certificate constitutes a qualification on its own and provides a useful step in career development for testing professionals who are not ready to take on the challenge of the ISTQB Advanced Level. Candidates are required to hold the ISTQB/BCS Foundation Certificate in Software Testing as a minimum before sitting the exam.

The course is fully compliant with the syllabus and its prescribed learning objectives. It contains 5 key chapters:

            Chapter 1: Testing Fundamentals
            Chapter 2: Reviews
            Chapter 3: Testing and Risk
            Chapter 4: Test Management
            Chapter 5: Test Analysis

£299 (exc. Exam)


Course can be started any time and runs for 12 months. To book your course online, simply follow the link below. Alternatively, contact us at +44 203 457 5020 or email info@learntesting.com for more information or to make a reservation.

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Accredited e-Learning Course

This accredited e-learning course provides 12 months access via the tutor-supported LearnTesting Virtual Learning Environment. It consists of:

  • Slide shows with professional voiceover;
  • Full transcript of online presentation;
  • Interactive exercises and sample questions;
  • Sample exam papers;
  • Full accredited tutor support.

This course is ‘asynchronous’ and can be started at any time. It is available 24×7 over the Internet.

Your Exam and Prerequisites

Candidates are required to sit a one hour ‘closed book’ exam consisting of 25 scenario-based questions designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, understanding and ability to apply concepts included in the course syllabus. Candidates are required to score 60% to pass, or 15/25.

Simple non-programmable calculators can be used during paper based examinations (to be provided by the candidate). Candidates taking online examinations will have access to an on-screen calculator. No other calculators or mobile technology will be allowed.

Supporting you to success

LearnTesting offers an online support services at no additional charge to all students, including:

  1. LearnTesting’s Exam Preparation e-learning module including exercises, sample questions, sample exam-style questions with fully explained answers.
  2. LearnTesting’s Helpdesk for administration and tutor support services, available online any time.

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