BCS Business Analysis Foundation

BCSThis BCS accredited course is appropriate for Business Analysts of all levels, providing a complete overview of the Business Analysis ecosystem.

The BA Foundation Certificate is a practical course that is particularly useful for current or aspiring Business Analysts wanting to develop their knowledge of the field in which they work, focusing on requirements engineering and beyond.

The course is fully compliant with the syllabus and its prescribed learning objectives. It contains 14 key chapters:

            Chapter 1: What is Business Analysis?
            Chapter 2: The Competencies of a Business Analyst
            Chapter 3: Strategy Analysis
            Chapter 4: The Business Analysis Process Model
            Chapter 5: Investigation Techniques
            Chapter 6: Stakeholder Analysis and Management
            Chapter 7: Modelling Business System
            Chapter 8: Modelling Business Processes
            Chapter 9: Gathering the Requirements
            Chapter 10: Documenting and Managing Requirements
            Chapter 11: Modelling Requirements
            Chapter 12: Delivering the Requirements
            Chapter 13: Making a Business and Financial Case
            Chapter 14: Implementing Business Change

To achieve accreditation, candidates are required to sit a one hour, 40 questions multiple choice examination designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, understanding and ability to apply concepts included in the syllabus. Candidates are required to score 26 or more correct answers to pass. Each question will be worth one mark.

£299 (exc. Exam)


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